10-Minute Head Start

This morning, I woke up ten minutes before my alarm. I felt rested enough, so I decided to get up. By the time it rang, I had already brushed teeth and done half of my workout. As an overall result, I somehow left the house a solid 20 minutes earlier than I had yesterday.

There’s a variety of factors that needs to come together here, but the point remains the same: A 10-minute head start now might get you much more than a 10-minute advantage later. You will not believe the difference starting ten minutes early will sometimes make, if not for the time table then at least for the feeling. That’s where its true power lies, if you ask me. Emotional momentum.

It is more impactful to know you’re ten minutes early than to be ten minutes early. You feel more confident and more relaxed at the same time. You have a buffer to soften any unexpected turbulences, yet usually, that buffer will go towards doing a better job than you would have otherwise been able to do – once again, if only by emotionally preparing yourself for what’s next.

You won’t always get a 10-minute head start, and you definitely don’t always need one. But at a time when you can easily afford it, energetically speaking, try it. My gut tells me you won’t long to go back to just-in-time logistics.