Accept or Convince

Those are your two choices.

A lot of the time, we insist on convincing. Usually, accepting is easier. Often, it is also the right thing to do.

Munich is a city of cyclists. Students cycle. Athletes cycle. Even consultants cycle.

I don’t like cycling. Too much trauma. Too many accidents. It never grew on me. Yet, people insist on convincing me to cycle.

“It’s so much faster! It’s easy! You can rent them with an app! Your life would be so much better!”

Actually, my life is better for never having to think any of these thoughts. I never have to worry about where I park my bike. I never forget where I put it. I never wonder if I locked it, whether someone will steal it, or how much the bill for repairing it will be.

The world always sells us on how great it would be to have this new thing in our lives. It never tells us how good it feels to eliminate entire areas.

You can’t make someone happier by talking them into the exact thing they are happy to be rid of.

Accept or convince. Which one will you choose?