Advice From a Jet Owner

“Do you know your neighbor? Do you know both of your neighbors? When’s the last time you had a picnic in your neighborhood?”

An hour ago, the man in his blue hoodie and red shorts was a complete stranger. Now, the private jet owner is asking Noah questions about the meaning of life at a cruising altitude of 41,000 feet.

“We’re always looking so far away from us.” He points at his heart when he says, “we’re the last people to come and look right here.” Whether it’s covid, the global economy, or a war happening halfway around the world, when we’re too busy worrying about what happens elsewhere, we have no attention left to take care of what — or who — is right in front of us, James thinks. His primary reason for owning a jet? To save time. To spend less time away, less time in the air, less time at airports — and more time at home.

“It shows how ill we are as a race [that] we are constantly looking for things that we have zero control over — [especially] when we don’t do anything to fix things we have 100% control over.”

What’s waiting for you right under your nose? What’s something good you can do right here, right now? It might not get you a private jet, but nor will worrying over the news — and neither are what “being home” is truly about.