Are the Birds Still Singing?

As long as they are, everything will be okay. To see if the birds are still singing, you must first open the window. Poke your head out, breathe in some fresh air, and realize you’re not the only person left on planet earth.

At some other time, in some other place, someone else, too, forgot about the birds. They did not know what they would wake up to in the morning, or if the night would ever end at all. Alas, eventually, they found themselves at the window, and against all odds, curiosity got the better of them.

“Is that really the chirp of a sparrow? Or am I just imagining things? Let me double-check, just to be sure.” It is a matter of survival, this can’t-help-it impulse, and once the glass swings open, the entire world comes to our aid.

Where there are birds, there are trees, and with trees come dogs and, usually not far behind, people. Oh, it is quite busy, this place you felt must be abandoned, and while business does not always signify good, it does always hold the potential for it.

Leave the window open. Get more rest if you need it, but don’t shut out the song of infinite tomorrows – for today you might be silent, but on one of those tomorrows you’ll be the one singing.