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The Bottom Locker – Why You Should Always Do It The Hard Way


That’s the number on my locker. Wanna see it? Sure, here it is:

do it the hard way locker

6 out of 7 days of the week I go to the library. None of the lockers belong to anyone by the way.

Anyone can choose whichever locker they want on any given day of the week. You come, you pick one, you go, you leave it open.

Then how come on all 6 days I get to use that same locker, again and again and again?

Why can I walk around and tell everyone with 100% confidence that that’s my locker, number 3104, Nik’s locker?

Here’s why (and why you should care): because it’s on the bottom.

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10 Business Ideas You Can Steal From Me Cover

10 Business Ideas You Can Steal From Me

Over the years, I’ve accumulated tons of business ideas I know I’ll never do anything with. Time to throw them out there.

Disclaimer: All of these could be invented already, worthless, or gold.

1. (domain might be for sale) — a platform for students to read each other’s scientific research papers. I always thought it was frustrating in college that we write these theses, papers, and reports, and no one actually gave a damn about them. People could ask others to read their paper and get positive/constructive feedback.

2. Google Maps for old people — seriously, I think you could make millions teaching people aged 50, 60 and above how to use the most basic apps, like Google Maps, WhatsApp or Skype.

3. Eye tracking for Ebook readers — when your eyes break contact with the page, a little red dot marks the last point of focus, so you can pick up your reading right there again and don’t have to go through the entire page again to find where you left off.

4. Bluetooth Chat — a social network based on chatting with people who are in your immediate surroundings, e.g. on the bus, in the library, a coffee shop. It’d be somewhat like YikYak, but much more exciting. Could start anonymously and then you can choose to reveal yourself.

5. A natural neuro-enhancer — something similar to nootropics, but minus the whole chemicals/synthetics. I’m thinking pulverizing nuts, some oil and a few other things and putting it in a capsule. Could work.

6. Facebook Friend Map — no clue why this doesn’t seem to exist yet, but something that lets me create a really cool, customized map of where exactly all my Facebook friends are in the world that I can share, use as cover photo, is interactive, etc.

7. Quote Stitch — an app that stitches together quotes from different people to make a funny connection or take them out of context. I did this with Gary Vaynerchuk once, see example below.

8. A really cheap ECU tuning unit for cars — you know how car tuners have these electric devices, which they can hook up to your car, flip a switch, and suddenly you have 30 hp more? Something like that, but really cheap, so everyone can do it at home and doesn’t have to be ripped off by paying $500 for a 5 minute service.

9. A class that teaches people how to talk like the guys from Ocean’s Eleven — seriously, who wouldn’t want that? They are incredibly, witty, funny, eloquent and smart.

10. Domain picker based on typing comfort — Let’s say I want to get a domain name, for example from above, I want a tool that I can go to, type in the domain, and it’ll tell me how easy it is to type in the domain. I have this hunch that people refrain from going to certain sites just because their names are so difficult to type into the nav bar. I know it happens to me. For example, makes my fingers twist in a knot, the other one doesn’t.

If you’re actually implementing any of them, let me know.

No credit necessary, knock yourself out!


Habit Review for 2015

Tomorrow 2015 will be over.

I remember January 1st as if it was yesterday.

Interesting theory:

The reason each year seems to fly by faster than the last is that as you age, each year represents a smaller portion of your life.

Here’s a visual example:


If you’re 1 year old, one year is your entire life. If you’re 14 years old, one year is only 7% of your life.

And so on.

That means at 42 years old, a year is only 2% of the time you’re alive, and it gets less with every year!

Seems to be true for me, and while I always ponder about the happenings of the last 12 months during those last few days of the year, I thought I’d take those ponderings public this time.

Since this is a blog about habits, why not make it a habit review?

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3 People, 3 Stories & 3 Ways To Break Bad Habits (Which Type Are You?)

“Ha, that’ll never work! I know a better way.”

Rick thought he was smarter than the rest. Yet again. But we’ll get to it.

Today I want to introduce you to three old college friends of mine.

Just like you and me, they struggle with bad habits.

Recently, however, all three of them successfully broke a bad habit.

Even though the habits were very similar, each of them used a very different approach to breaking their habit.

Letting go of bad habits is not a straightforward task, and the process looks different for everyone.

You and I can learn a lot from how my three friends did it, so I asked them to share their story with me.

Here’s what they told me.

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