Chasing the Reason

Yesterday, I bought some friends to a beautiful lake. The place is usually crowded with tourists, but for some reason, it was almost empty. The water was clear and peaceful. The promenade was quiet. You could hear the wind rustling in the trees.

For some reason, however, I couldn’t let go of “for some reason.” “Hmm, I wonder why it’s so calm today. Is it the unpredictable weather? The school holidays? Are we just early?” I kept thinking about it. I kept talking about it. In hindsight, that was unnecessary.

The most important activity in that moment wasn’t thinking. It was presence. Often, it is better to enjoy the result than to chase the reason. The latter rarely adds value and frequently detracts. The former is a challenge and reward in its own right.

Be where you are. Your deduction machine is amazing, but it doesn’t need to run all the time.