Consistency Beats Effort

If you could magically implement a workout routine for the rest of your life, would you rather be guaranteed to do ten push-ups every day or have a 50% chance of doing a 100-push-up session every three days? The math says the latter will get you more push-ups, but will it also make you healthier? Happier? Will it make you feel good about your workout routine?

I’ve been doing a daily workout for more than four years. I don’t do it to get stronger, look better, or prepare for some athletic event. I do it so I know I’m moving a little bit every day. After 1,000 days, I no longer have to track it. When I’m sick, I do the minimum, and when I’m healthy, I do my target numbers. Sometimes, I experiment and try new exercises. Most of the time I don’t — but I never have to think about my workout. I know it’ll always get done, and that feeling is priceless.

Consistency beats effort because no single session, no matter how momentous, can guarantee you’ll show up again tomorrow — but with consistency, in the long run, effort is guaranteed. Your big break may not happen today, or tomorrow, or even when you think you need it the most, but like flies drawn to the light, greatness will quietly accumulate.

Choose consistency, forget the when, and let the universe do its thing.