Double Sinks

When people build a new house, at least in Germany, they often choose double sinks for the master bathroom. His and hers. Simultaneous teeth-brushing. That’s the idea, at least.

In my family, we’ve tested double sinks in practice for over 20 years. Even with four people, we’ve only used two sinks at the same time a handful of times. Realistically, two people will rarely have the exact same schedule, let alone the exact same routines – and yet, it is still double sinks all the way.

Is this a trend from 300 years ago? The emperor and his empress, washing side by side? Or a wistful illusion young lovers fall for, successfully peddled by bathroom marketers to sell more sinks? Whatever its source, the standard has become one we no longer question, and that is the challenge.

In fact, building a house in and of itself holds a similar status in German society. It is many people’s ultimate dream, and yet, after a decade or so, they’ll find the same gripes with their custom-built house they would have found in any preexisting one.

The standard is not to be rejected merely for being the standard, but it deserves your thorough examination. We live in a world ready to accustom to almost any individual tendency. Make use of that freedom. Don’t follow the standard just to comply, especially where compliance yields no added benefit.

The next time you make a heavily socialized decision, ask yourself: Is this truly the way to go – or are those just double sinks?