Equanimity Is a Choice

Sometimes, it’ll elude your grasp. But it’s a choice worth chasing. Worth diving for, sliding the last few meters on your belly, arm extended, hoping to snatch it at the last second before it goes off a cliff.

Your arm won’t always be long enough. Occasionally, you’ll watch your peace sail away, unknowingly yet begrudgingly falling into your anger. You’ll tear customer support a new one, yell at a friend for no reason, or dish out harsh criticism where your mirror-self would have needed compassion. Like the bumper sticker says: (Sh)it happens.

The question is what will you do when you awake from your trance? When the stupor fades and thinking sets in again? Will you mull over the valve that broke, causing you to blow off steam? Kick yourself for tripping? That’s how people fall over completely.

Alternatively, you can put on some balm. Apologize to who deserves it, then call it a day. Most of the time, those involved will. After all, everyone loses their nerves on occasion. By the time you’re still wondering which wires crossed where, the world has moved on – and so should you.

Equanimity is an honorable choice. A noble pursuit worth making as much as we can. But while every knight loses some of their battles, only the best waste no time in getting back on the horse. Look forward. Choose progress. Keep your eyes on the horizon – so the next time equanimity slips out of your hand, you can once again jump and try to save it.