Fate Is a Conversation

There’s a time to listen and a time to speak. You have to know when is which.

Usually, we are busy speaking through our actions. “Look fate, this is what I want! Here, I’m doing all this stuff to get there! Will you help?” Fate aspires to be a kind fellow, and so if he sees us working hard towards something, generally, he’ll not only get out of the way, he’ll sweep a little, like the players in curling hoping to ease a rock’s path to its destination.

When we get too carried away, however, we forget listening altogether. Every time it’s fate’s turn to speak, we just keep blubbering. If this goes on for too long, fate gets angry – like anyone would. He might have to hit us over the head to make us stop and look up. “Hey! Listen, you idiot! You’re not paying attention. You’re chasing the wrong thing!”

Blows of fate rarely hurt for what they are; they hurt because we didn’t see them coming. But often we could have, if only we’d stopped to listen.

It’s not easy to put down your shovel when you can sense the gold is just inches away, but sometimes, feeling the wind on your face is more important, because if fate is the one blowing it your way, there’s a good chance he dropped an important message on its wings.

Fate may be a conversation, but the best managers tend to speak the least in their meetings. If you want to bring out the best in your ally named Destiny, keep your eyes up, your heart open, and mind your turn.