Giving Up Is Also Giving

Sometimes, it’s harder to not do something than to keep going. We don’t want to lose that piece of our identity. But what might we gain if we let go? Time? Money? Inner peace?

Giving up isn’t always an act of generosity, but it is always an act of giving. It takes energy to say no. To extricate ourselves from habits running like well-oiled machines. Winding down projects, processes, and routines requires work — work we might want to avoid like any other. Why not just maintain the status quo?

The answer is that if the status quo no longer serves us, whatever the reason may be, it needs to make way for something better. Often, “something better” starts with less. First, we must carve out some space. Wipe the whiteboard clean so we may begin anew. The wiping is a task like any other, but if the end result is more clarity, freedom, or motivation, we should tackle it with gratitude and vigor, not put it off like it’s our own funeral.

Sometimes, our most brilliant parts can only be put into place once we’ve buried another — but just because it feels like sacrifice doesn’t mean letting go isn’t working.