Hit the Road Sleeping

Are you here to make change or be changed?

If it’s the latter, it’s okay to hit the road sleeping – to find out it’s a Thursday at 10 AM in front of the coffee maker. When you’re sleepwalking, everything’s a surprise. You’ll constantly find new perspectives, but you’ll lose the power to give that same gift to others. Change needs direction. Vision. Force (the Star Wars kind, not the fist-meets-face kind).

Sometimes, it’s okay to be a puddle of goo. We all hit walls at speed on occasion. When you have your energy and clarity back, however, it’s time to put your Nike’s on. Wake up early. Work out. Have a routine. Get pumped for the day. Know the change you want to make, and hit the ground running.

Many of us are sleeping at any given time. We’re waiting for your Forrest Gump moment. We’re ready to be changed. But you’ll have to ship the work, perform the show, get to the finish line, to do it. Know when it’s time to pick up the pace.