Inconvenient Friends

By the time John Wick returns to the screen for eponymous movie number four, his clock is ticking down fast. The action centered around the former hitman trying to escape his past employers all happens within a few short days despite spanning multiple films, and the bounty on his head keeps increasing.

The higher the number on John the walking lottery ticket, the fewer friends he seems to have. In a brief moment of refuge at the Osaka Continental, the “assassin’s hotel chain of choice,” John apologizes to his friend Koji for the hell that’s about to be unleashed on his establishment. Against everyone’s advice, however, including his daughter’s, Koji chose to provide John with shelter, and so all he does is remind his old companion: “Friendship means little when it’s convenient.”

It’s easy to go out when the weather is sunny, and it’s a no-brainer to say yes to a free dinner invitation. But what if it’s raining and your friend asks you to help them move? Can your bond withstand some stress-testing? Or are you a fair weather collaborator? Would you still open your fridge for them if there was a $40 million price tag on your friend’s head? Or whet your knives behind the front door?

Few in our lives will ever deserve loyalty to the end, but the ones who do should be able to call upon it no matter the circumstances. Choose your allies wisely, and remember that when friendship is easiest to abandon is when it counts the most.