It Might Loop Back Around

Sometimes, you’re walking through a new city and realize you are lost. You don’t know the streets yet, and the path you thought would lead you to a square ended up right in front of a building. Of course, you can turn back any time — but you can also keep going.

When you choose the latter, not always but every so often, you’ll walk only a few minutes more until you recognize something you’ve seen before. You pushed through the uncertainty, and you learned: “Wow. Okay. Actually, this loops back around.”

Life is the same. What feels like a failure might be a new beginning. What seems like a dead end could be the final stop before your big return. And when you’re out of your depth, you may be only a few steps from looping back around.

Don’t judge too early. Whatever situation you are in, it’s not a trap. Only a new reality, and like the queen on a chessboard, you can move in any direction — including the one that’ll bring you right back to where you started.