Just Get It Out

Your honest opinion in clear words is worth more than a well-presented half-truth. What applies to business — just give me the gist of it rather than a million fancy slides — also holds up in relationships: If you tell me what’s up so we can talk about it, I don’t care much how you initiate the conversation.

Nowadays, our conversations with loved ones are endless. They’re a constant stream of communication, happening across media, formats, and time zones. Who cares exactly how and where you drop an important issue into this infinite river of texts, GIFs, and FaceTime calls? The sooner we address it, the better!

In fact, especially in love, sometimes, asynchronous conversation actually helps. You can’t think straight when you’re both huddled up on the couch, be it swooning or crying. Writing forces you to structure your thoughts, and the more critical a problem, the more you might want to do it.

Most of all, however, our multi-media conversation landscape provides you the chance to cough up your fur balls sooner. Whatever the challenge at hand, don’t let it fester in your mind. Pull it out into the light so you may approach it with whatever help you might need. Even if the string you’re using to yank it from its dark hole is made of voice messages, no one will turn it into a noose. We’ll be too busy working with you towards better.

Don’t be afraid of sharing. It matters not how you do it but that you do it. Don’t choose tomorrow when you can choose today. Speak up.