Let Nature Reveal Itself

When we first moved in, our garden was a nicely curated suburban lawn. One year later, it’s more akin to a meadow in the woods.

Over the winter, patches of moss have sprung up everywhere. Weeds have shown up in places. It definitely doesn’t look as “clean” as it used to — but now, for the first time, it also has flowers.

Several flocks of daisies now congregate around our otherwise lonely tree. They’re accompanied by some even smaller, purple-ish flowers. The birds love it, and so do the bees.

More animals show up more regularly. The whole place looks different but just as cosy. Home-y. Natural!

Our garden might not be ideal to make a flat look presentable for a sale, but it is the garden most people end up with over time. Where else does this dynamic hold? Where else are we trying to suppress it?

When we first visit our new partner’s home, we might not dare touch anything, let alone let out a fart. But eventually, if we want to live together, “natural” will have to be the norm.

You can act a certain way to get hired, but if you have to act all the time on the job, you’re not gonna last very long nor have a good time.

It’s not always the best idea to let nature out in full bloom on the first sampling — but it’s also rarely a good idea to suppress it permanently altogether.

Find the right rhythm for letting nature reveal itself, and you’ll find the right rhythm for life itself.