Life Is Not a Recipe

You don’t have to do the steps in sequence to get the same result.

When you make carbonara, pouring in the cheese before the egg can be disastrous. It changes the consistency of the sauce. In life, changing it up may be the very thing allowing you to maintain consistency rather than destroy it.

In your daily routine, it sometimes pays to take out a step and do it later. I rarely work out early on weekends. The mornings are my recovery time. Today, I looked into the mirror and saw it was time to shave. But I don’t have to do it before I shower. I can skip it in the morning, then use it as a quick afternoon break.

In cooking, accounting, and a dance choreography, too much leeway compromises the results. Most elsewhere, flexibility is our very source of stability.

Don’t feel bad for going off script. Rewrite it as you need to keep walking your path.