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It took me 15,000 words to describe what productivity actually looks like. But I’ve done it. So now, you can master productivity.

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  • The 6 questions you should ask yourself, taken from 6 of the world’s best books, to figure out the ONE, big goal that deserves all of your energy.
  • How you can break down any big goal into tiny, achievable steps, which you can knock out one day at a time.
  • Why sleep is your #1 productivity booster, and how you can optimize your nights and build the morning routine you’ve always dreamed of having.
  • What small changes you can make in your head, office & environment that’ll compound into massive amounts of focused time (I found over 30!).

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I’m your Habit Coach Nik, the creator of Master Productivity. I’ve created this free training to help you skip the learning curve, build your habits faster, and get more of the stuff done that truly matters.

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Over 5,000 people have discovered the simple system I’ve used to write over 250,000 words, coach over 300 people and read dozens of books in 2015 – now it’s your turn.

Thanks to the Master Productivity course, you’ll no longer have to figure it all out on your own. I’ll show you how to do get better results and make substantial progress on your biggest goals, through step-by-step instructions that you can enjoy at your own pace.

And I’m giving you the entire course, absolutely free, because I want to level the playing field between successful authors, celebrities & entrepreneurs with unlimited resources and hustling, hard-working, normal people like you and me, that deserve to live to see their dreams fulfilled just as much, if not more.

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