Master Productivity Series

When I first started writing, I dove deep into productivity. It made perfect sense: I needed a topic to cover, and I needed to learn how to be prolific. In 2015, I read every productivity book I could get my hands on, tested various ideas, and assembled what worked into a system that helped me be both effective and efficient.

I described this system in a series of articles spanning some 15,000 words. I called it “Master Productivity.” Each guide is a set of detailed, step-by-step instructions, including whatever exercises and templates you might need to try its ideas for yourself.

Personally, the system helped me write over 250,000 words in 2015 and coach several hundred people. Over 10,000 people have read these articles over the years, and the feedback has largely been positive. That said, I would encourage you to approach this series the same way I approached productivity books when I started: Give the ideas an honest try, but then keep only what works for you.

May you too master productivity and accomplish your goals!