Never Say Never

A friend of mine would be the perfect politician. He’s smart, well-spoken, and has a clear, conservative stance on most issues. He deeply cares about politics. He even has other, purely luck-based credentials, such as being fairly tall — an advantage in exuding authority when you address crowds.

Today, he told me he’s finally ready to give up on that dream. “Who knows? I might still do it later. Never say never. But at this point, I’m ready to admit it’s okay if I don’t get to live this dream.”

Never say never. What a great, comforting line. I love parking dreams there. Being a snowboarder. Editing masterful music videos. Moving to Japan. I’ll probably never do any of those things. Probably. But hey, never say never!

Having arrived in our 30s, I think my friends, like me, are starting to realize it’s okay to settle. That, sooner or later, everyone has to settle. You can’t do it all. You can never do it all. But if you have a partner you love, a few good friends, a decent job, and a home you enjoy, what gives? Some things are more important than others, but to most, balance is more important than some things.

So what if most of your bucket list stays in the bucket until you kick it? As long as you have no regrets about how you spent the majority of the time you had while you were here, not having spent certain bits of it on certain things won’t matter — but hey, never say never!

No one knows which turn their life will take next, and parked dreams may still turn on even long after you turned off the lights in the garage.