Right Answer, Failed Assignment

When he was in high school, rapper Russ had a summer assignment in psychology: “Draw your personality vehicle.” Where his classmates drew cars, bikes, boats, and spaceships, Russ drew a pair of headphones – and promptly failed the assignment.

“Headphones aren’t a vehicle,” his teacher said. That’s not true, of course. Russ knew better: “Headphones, more specifically music, transported me to cities I’d never been, relationships I’d never had, and dreams that I hadn’t actualized.” If you ask me, that’s even better than a spaceship.

In many of our man-made arenas, like school, work, or politics, you get punished for coloring outside the lines. Nature, however, does not offer any lines to begin with. Just draw wherever you want! Try something new, please! Life is the box that wants you to think outside of its own confines.

Don’t let any teacher, boss, or minister educate you out of speaking your truth.