Step Up

There comes a time when life asks us to be more than we’ve ever been before. It’s not the usual, slow, near-invisible process of stretching we are accustomed to. Life will issue a direct call to us: “You. It is your turn. Will you take responsibility? Or cling to a past that, from this moment forth, is already gone?”

Life’s call could be to fill your parents’ big shoes after their sudden passing. It might be a political vacuum, at danger of supporting terrible leadership if inhabited by the wrong person. Or, it could be something mundane that happens thousands of times every day yet has profound implications: a surprise pregnancy. Will you accept the role of caretaker for another human being?

You won’t be ready when life makes the big ask, and you shouldn’t expect yourself to be. Unpreparedness is half the deal. You’ll have to make up this one as you go. But to do that, you are always ready. Life simply decided that now’s a good time for this particular challenge.

A prince doesn’t become a king on a schedule. He becomes a king when his father dies. There’s never a great time to sign up for the championship, to raise your hand in a crowded room, or to volunteer in case of an emergency. By definition, we must face these trials when they happen.

You are not perfect. You will never have all the skills, all the resources, or perfect emotional control. But you have the power to choose. To accept. To make the very best you can out of everything you’ve got. Please, use this power. Perhaps right in this moment, life is calling out your name. For your own sense of agency, peace of mind, and inner freedom; for your family, your people, and your country; for the sake of all of us, step up.