Stressors Wanted

The question is which kind when? Developing an electric helicopter taxi is a complex, multi-year stressor. Chances are, you’ll have to solve other, lighter problems in between.

Tweeting is easier than writing, playing video games easier than coding. Sometimes, a dose of more trivial stress is exactly what you need. You get to resolve a challenge, and your reward will be the conversion of chemicals in your body that leads to relaxation which, in turn, may spark the creativity you need to address the elephant still sitting in the room.

Whether you take bites out of this elephant with video games, exercise, or meditation doesn’t matter, although exercise is the oldest and most proven form of playing a different stress game. The task is to realize when mounting stress in one arena starts to feel like a crushing wave so you can drop your weapons, leave, and build sandcastles on a different playground for a while.

Choose hard problems, but when you get stuck, solve whatever you can get your hands on. We need you rested and ready for the next round.