The Cost of Switching Waves

Nothing happens. You push a few buttons. You hope for momentum to come around. Still nothing. You start. You go out and do stuff. You make things happen. Suddenly, the buttons you pushed click into place. The universe gets to work. You get incoming calls, leads, and invitations. Now you must decide: Stay on the path you took from your doorstep to here or switch waves?

Life is an endless cycle of push and pull. Unfortunately, both come with a lag so that, usually, you’ll end up getting everything at once – and then nothing. One month you’re swamped with social opportunities and obligations, the next you’re bored and no one’s available. One quarter none of your five products sell, the next you can’t find enough of either to meet the demand. The question is will you keep trend-surfing, or create your own wave and ride it until the last bits of spray dissipate in the sand?

In the long run, push and pull is exhausting. You pull so hard you throw your back out, only for the closet of opportunities to topple and bury you underneath its crushing weight. You push and push, but then two inches before the soil gives way to the diamonds, someone waving another shiny object makes you turn around. Think twice before jumping waves. The incoming one may be higher, but it might collapse right underneath you as you take the leap.

Walking 10 miles a day is not exciting, but its momentum is relentless. Undeniable. After 100 days, you will have walked 1,000 miles. That’s worth a lot. Better yet, it breeds contentment. The tug-of-war of desires disappears.

Forge your own path. Summon your own wave. Be wary of even the best-intentioned changes of plans. That’s how you surf into the sunset – one inch at a time, but each inch moving in the same direction.