The Difference Between Poor, Rich & Wealthy

It’s prom night. Finally! High school graduation. The moment John’s been waiting for all these tough teenage years.

As John and his three best friends stand at the bar, reminiscing, drinks swirling, John makes a sweeping declaration:

“Guys, I’m going to become an author!”

“Ha! Yeah, right John! Good luck with that!” his friends joke.

They all laugh, have a blast the rest of the night and then soon all go their separate ways.

Ten years later, the first of John’s friends is on a weekend trip to New York City with his family. As they stroll across Times Square, he suddenly gasps. There is a huge, seven story billboard, promoting a book with John’s name on it.

Kinda like this. Via @ryanholiday

He can’t believe his eyes. As soon as he gets home, he calls the other two.

“Guys, this is unbelievable, we all have to get drinks together with John, we gotta hear this story!”

They call John, settle on a date and soon enough, they’re all standing at the same old bar, telling stories from the past and of course talking about John’s achievement.

“How’d you do it John? Tell us your secret!”

John smiles.

“I really only have one rule. Write one page every day.

The first friend is baffled. “Really? That’s it? I mean, that can’t be it, can it?”

John plays it down.

“Ah, let’s not talk about work shall we? Let me get the next round!”

Hours pass, drinks flow and eventually, it’s time for everyone to leave. John says this little reunion’s on him, so he’ll pay at the bar after everyone’s gone.

Right before he leaves, the first friend shakes John’s hand again in private and says:

“Congratulations again John, you are so lucky.”

Before the second friend leaves, he also shakes John’s hand in private and says:

“Congratulations again John, you work so hard.”

Finally, before his last friend is about to leave, he walks over to John, shakes his hand and says:

“Congratulations again John, you really deserved this opportunity.”

Regardless of the size of their bank accounts, the first friend is poor.

The second friend is rich.

The third friend is wealthy.

We all have a John in our lives. The question is:

Which friend are you?