The Drama Is in Your Head

It’s not the universe sending you bad vibes. It’s your inner demon. The shadow self.

Whatever trauma you carry – and we all carry enough of it to set the world on fire – is curled up into a little ball of chaos, hiding deep inside, biding its time. When it senses you are at your most vulnerable, like a point of infinite density finally spewing about its matter, it explodes, and pure mayhem will flow from your very fingertips into the world.

You won’t be able to take a single right step, no matter where you set foot. Loved ones will turn against you. It’ll seem like your mere touch will make plants wither away and die, and, worst of all, you’ll feel unable to contain any of this madness – for it won’t seem to come out of you at all. It’s karma! The wrath of God! A statistically incomprehensible, unduly long stretch of bad luck.

In reality, all you must do is turn off the faucet within. That’s easier said than done, of course. Imagine a fireman shutting down a hydrant gone haywire, or a small ferry trying to break a 100-foot wave. “Gnnaaahhh! Stop!”

The hardest battles are the ones we fight inside, and yet, once the valve finally closes, it’ll seem like peace was never gone. The meadow is calm, the cows are grazing, and the sound of crickets and birds fills the air. “How the hell could that have been so hard?” We might never find the answer to this mystery, but it doesn’t matter nearly as much as the fact that we keep fighting.

At least now, you know where to look. The next time the world begins to fall apart, don’t seek without. Venture within, and regardless how gruesome the struggle with your shadow doppelganger, once you win – and you will – peace shall be restored.