The Price of Easy Change

If you want a change to come effortlessly, you’re gonna have to pay a heavy price: First, you must become someone you can no longer stand looking at in the mirror.

Like many superstar DJs, Laidback Luke heavily relied on alcohol to function, both in and outside the booth. During a barbecue with his family, he eventually shouted at, then threw his two-year-old son on the floor. That was the moment he knew he had to quit.

Things worked out for Luke’s mental and physical health, and his relationship with his son turned out okay, but the memory and regret will always stay with him — and he’s one of the lucky ones.

How far will you let habits go before you overturn their momentum? Sure, quitting cold turkey gets easy when you feel you’ve become a monster, but what will that monster do before you can incinerate it into dust with your newfound light? Not everyone walks away with a scratch. Some damages can never be undone.

Don’t wait for the change to feel easy. Chances are, the price will be too steep. Take the hard but high road. Start now. You might have to fight for your new direction, but at least you won’t drag the people you love down into your eventual abyss.