The Slump

It’s normal to feel empty upon completion of a big project. You’ve just given everything you’ve got, so naturally, you’ve got nothing left. You need to refuel! Take a breath. Take a day. Take a week, even. The Force will return.

When we feel our body slumping, collapsing in on itself, our natural tendency is to push against gravity, to try and erect ourselves under great strain. Sometimes, that’s the right answer. Often, however, it is much easier to just go with the momentum. Lay out some pillows, then let yourself fall.

If the body wants rest, why not just lie down? Go horizontal for a bit. Stretch. Take a nap. Eat some tacos. Watch a movie at 9 AM. Soon, the slump will morph into a sprinter’s starting position.

They say the best thing you can do after finishing a book is to write the next one. That’s true, but nowhere does it say that the epilogue of one piece must also be the introduction of its sequel. You’re allowed to add as much white space as you need for the story to make sense. You’re allowed to breathe.

The next time you feel the slump encroaching, invite it right in. Let it have its 15 minutes of fame, and it’ll better prepare you for the next leg of the journey than forced persistence ever could.