The Universal Remedy

There’s very little 24 hours of time can’t fix. When he became Elvis’s promoter, Jerry Weintraub only had 24 hours to raise a million dollars — but it was enough. Most of the time, however, it takes something less drastic than calling hundreds of people and flying to Las Vegas on a hunch.

When you fall down at basketball practice and hurt your legs, 24 hours later, you’ll know more and feel better. When you have the worst hangover of your life, one day in bed and a Big Mac menu later, you’ll be okay to work again. And when you’ve had a terrible setback in your job, a day of downtime and reflection will do wonders.

The only universal remedy is time, and the only way to apply it is to let it pass. It’s called “endurance” because it’s not always fun, but, sooner or later, it does always work — if only for the distance it puts between you and your latest failure.

Take your time. Really take it. Spend it. Deliberately let a full sun-and-moon-cycle pass, and whatever weighs heaviest on your mind right now will feel a lot lighter — if it even remains on your mind at all.