This Is My Hill

I am a writer. Writing is what I do. What I shall keep doing, right here on this hill.

This blog is my hill, and I will defend it until the day I die. That’s the plan, anyway.

This is my hill. It is not the best hill, or the highest hill, or the hill of the month right now. But it is my hill, and if you like the goods I produce, this hill is the only place where you can find them.

This is my hill. On this hill, we value calmness, patience, and restraint. We value freedom, creativity, and self-expression. We value love, hope, and acceptance. I say “we” because if you value these same things, you will always find shelter on this hill. You will feel right at home. Take a seat, grab a cup, and let me pour you some tea.

This is my hill, and it is not for sale. I could charge for this blog. I know I could. But charging is not what life’s about. It’s about writing, at least for me. So let me write, and the charging part will work itself out. Art can only be felt. You can sell the painting but not the feeling. Money changing hands is not the part that matters. If you come to my hill, I want you to feel something. That’s why it’s not for sale.

This is my hill. It is the hill of a craftsman, and all crafts must be practiced. Therefore, you will see me practice on this hill. Few posts will be perfect. Some will be good. Most will, by definition, be average. But every post, long or short, good or bad, inspiring or dull, will be the best post I could have written that day. Every day, I will show up to practice and put forth my finest effort. I will do the best I can and ship the best attempt I can ship. That is a promise I make to you, standing right here on this hill.

This is my hill, and no one can tell me how to decorate it. If you don’t like the hut, or the fireplace, or the training grounds, by all means, go and occupy your own hill. That’s what hills are for! Somewhere out there, there is one just waiting for you. Do not waste time telling others how to run their hills. It’s okay. These hills are not for you. You can always find another or squat on your own.

This is my hill. I want it to be a place of generosity and kindness. Why? Because whatever emanates from the spring will flow down the hill. If I pull anger, outrage, and blame from the well, that’s what’ll spread. If I fill the bucket with kindness, hope, and hospitality, that too will be on its way. Everyone will grab the bucket, fill their cup, and pass it along. I’ll make sure the right stuff is in the bucket. If you could share it, that would be kind and generous.

This is my hill, and on this hill you will always find me. Once I am gone, only artifacts will remain – but they, too, shall always stay on this hill.

This is my hill, and yet, this story is not about my hill at all. It is about yours. Where is it? Can you feel it calling out to you? If you were waiting for a sign, this is it. It may not yet point in the right direction, but it’s a sign that prompts you to go instead of stop. Look around! You’re in the middle of a valley. The grass is green, the wheat is gold, and there are hills all around. What about that one? Or that one? Or that one? Pick a hill, and start climbing! Man your station. Declare your hill-dependence.

This is my hill, but we really need you on yours. It’s nice of you to visit. I shall do the same when I sit idle. But never forget tending to your own hill. Don’t neglect it. It’s important business, this hill-keeping. Only if all hills are manned will the kingdom remain safe. Without creativity, the world cannot prosper. Fight for your hill. Protect it. We depend on you standing your ground.