Tomorrow Is Tomorrow

It’s only been a few short days since English sailor John Blackthorne arrived in feudal Japan of the 1600s, but they’ve been rather eventful. Cast into the midst of both an international and domestic political nightmare, John and his host Lord Yoshii Toranaga have already saved each other’s life several times from enemies without and within.

In a brief moment of reprieve after an epic boat escape from Osaka Castle, Toranaga watches John dive off the side of their ship in elegant fashion. Eager to learn, Toranaga asks John to teach him. John begins to explain how diving works, but Toranaga would rather he repeat the action.

“Ah. Observational learner,” John notes and obliges. As soon as he climbs back on the boat, he hears the next prompt: “Again.” And again. And again. After dozens of demonstrations, even John’s translator feels bad for him. “Perhaps he can try again tomorrow?” Mariko asks Lord Toranaga.

As John catches his, Toranaga, too, takes a deep breath. It’s been a long few days. The regent has lost several loyal samurai. He has discovered the Christian settlers in his country are plotting behind his back. And to top it all off, Toranaga has been evicted from Osaka Castle, the place where he usually reigns when his fellow rulers aren’t gunning for his head.

After a long exhale, Toranaga looks out across the ocean. With his eyes on the setting sun beyond the horizon, he finally answers Mariko’s request: “Tomorrow is tomorrow. Today I will learn how to dive.”

Life won’t always hand you the best of opportunities in the most convenient of moments — but every moment offers some opportunity, and whichever one you feel inspired to take, it’s best to seize it before the sun sets.

Nobody knows what the next 24 hours might bring, but there is an hour unfolding just in front of you right now. The only way to learn, to love, to feel, act, and live, is to use that hour. And no matter what you hope to understand, as long as you make the most of it, at the very least, you’ll always receive a new life lesson.

Tomorrow is tomorrow — but today, we learn how to live.