Trial by Life

That’s the only one we’ll get. Sometimes life will be fire; sometimes life will be fun. Trial by torn ACL might follow trial by six-figure speaking gig, and trial by loneliness might result in trial by your greatest relationship yet.

There’s a lot in this word, isn’t there? “Trial.” Try all. Try it free for 30 days. Don’t worry if you don’t like something. It’s a trial, after all. Then again, a trial means you’ll be judged. You’re on trial with every action, and every day, life will find a new way for you to be tried.

A trial can be a temptation, but it can also mean redemption. You’ll have to prove yourself! Not just your innocence, courage, or good intent. Everything! Every single thing you want to be true about your story, you’ll have to make happen. And not just once either. Always.

Every day you are alive, you are afforded a new chance to be the person you’ll want to have been when the music stops. Another open floor to prove yourself. Another try. Will you take it? Will you jump on it? Are you willing to sweep yesterday’s attempt into the bin and start over? Will you stay committed to the important failures until they become successes?

Whoever the person is you were born to materialize in this life, will you keep showing up until we can all see them as clearly as you can feel them in your heart right now? That’s the real test. The one and only trial we’re on.

Godspeed, and remember: Today the jury might condemn you, but tomorrow, they could set you free – and if you ever wonder what they’re thinking, all you have to do is look into the mirror.