Turn On the Magnet

There are more reasons to write than there are letters in the alphabet. Some are more inward-facing — it helps you reflect, filter your thoughts, and structure your emotions — others have more external affects on this material plane we call reality.

Someone recently asked me: “What’s the biggest advantage of writing online?” My answer: “You’ll turn on the magnet.”

When you put yourself out there, vulnerably sharing a piece of creative, original work on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, you take risk — but you also build a reputation. Reputation is like a magnet for power-ups: It attracts the help you need to achieve whatever you’re trying to do. The longer you keep the magnet “on,” the stronger it will become. Reputation compounds, and so the longer you share your thoughts, ideas, and creations online, regardless of the format, the easier your life will become.

The right path forward for big life decisions will seem more obvious. Career options will magically present themselves to you. You’ll have supporters rallying around you at all times. Of course, there is a price to be paid: The current that keeps the magnet going consists of honesty, transparency, and vulnerability. It must, for otherwise, the rewards won’t keep coming. Like attracts like, and if you don’t want power-downs to clip your wings mid-flight, you’ll have to continue showing up.

So go on. Turn on the magnet. Summon your creativity, commitment, and faith, and drive a stake into the ground so deep it’ll reach the Earth’s center right below where you stand; a stake for the dreams and ideals you truly believe in that will keep humming for all eternity, attracting support from every corner of the globe. It won’t be all gold and silver flying your way, but I’m sure you won’t regret it, and, sooner or later, your life will never be the same.