Walking on Ice

Entrepreneurship is a lot like walking on ice: It’s always a tad slippery, and you just try your best not to fall on your face. So are art, business, parenting, and, actually, most of life.

You can have fun on ice. Look at figure skaters! Remember your last snowball fight! But it helps to always keep the slipperiness in mind. When we walk on ice, we walk slowly. Humbly. We know the next slip is coming. That the ice might crack any second.

The person who obliviously runs onto a frozen lake full steam ahead is the person most likely to drown. Better to inch forward, test the frozen waters, and keep your mistakes reversible. Don’t bet your entire business on a single marketing campaign. Don’t be too confident in your latest creation. Keep your kids in view and your feet off the slippery slope, and you’ll survive the winter just fine.

Soon, spring will melt all ice away, and you can run again at full speed.