What’s Your Best Today?

Motivational gurus love to tell you that you need to “give your absolute best, every single day!” They make it sound like you’re supposed to run a marathon before breakfast, launch three companies by lunch, and start a non-profit in the afternoon. But what does “your best” even mean?

Actually, that’s the very question you must answer — a task you must face every day — and since it’s a tough one, the gurus usually don’t bother explaining.

On some days, your best will indeed be running a marathon or starting a company. Most of the time, however, your best will simply mean a few hours of focused work in the same direction you worked towards yesterday. And sometimes, your best is sending a single email, then crawling back to bed and nursing your cold.

The hard part of giving your best is not doing the work. It is to face your inner demons, look around, and ask: “How many of you can I slay today?” — and then to come up with an honest answer. Once you have that, your course is set. You’ll still need some support along the way, but once your potential is straightened out, blossoming into it will almost feel like rolling downhill.

So, what is your best today? Don’t be afraid to give an honest answer, and then do what it takes to see it through.