When You Feel Empty, Invite Life

It’s okay to feel empty at times. You won’t always have something to give. When you feel hollow or tired or drained, don’t try to squeeze more paste out of an empty tube. Cut off the top and refill it! Open a creative window, and let the rays of inspiration in.

Spend a day watching three movies from three different decades. Go to the networking event at your co-working space. Eat sugar, read a book, or just go back to sleep. Whatever it takes to reconnect you to life.

It’s a big game of give and take. You give so much every day, it’s easy to forget receiving is part of the balance at all — but it very much is. Life wants to give back. Nature doesn’t hide berries in tree trunks. She puts them right on display, ready to be plucked with just two fingers. She even color-codes them to tell us when they’re ripe for the taking!

Your berries might be a bag of Skittles, a long bike ride to your favorite lake, or three hours of reading up on the lore of Lord of the Rings. Whatever they are, make sure you eat them when you need something fruity.

If you open a window, sooner or later, the wind will come in. Open your mind, and it’s only a matter of time until you’ll feel re-inspired.