Which Perspective Shift When?

I found some great advice on TikTok for when the hate is strong:

When you feel like you hate everyone, eat something.

When you feel like everyone hates you, go to sleep.

When you feel like you hate yourself, take a shower.

When you feel like everyone hates everyone, go outside.

No matter what kind of suffering we face, there’s always another point of view that will allow us to handle it. The challenge is finding the right POV at the right time, and then managing to shift our perspective from one to the other.

The next time you feel stuck, frustrated, or anxious, ask: What point of view could I adopt that might ease this pain? It could be a book containing the breakthrough idea, a Yoda quote inspiring you to persevere, or a friend talking you out of hyperventilation.

Sometimes, you’ll find the right antidote immediately. Sometimes, you’ll cycle through several remedies. Eventually, however, you’ll break out of your shrinking shell. The next morning, the next attempt, or the next time you return home, the world will look different – and the Force will be with you once again.