Why I Do What I Do

In 2015, Derek Sivers created a /now page on his site for two reasons:

  1. Let people know what he’s up to in one, easy to find place.
  2. Make sure he stays focused on what’s important.

I think it’s a great idea! No wonder it caught on quickly and turned into a movement. You can find mine here.

However, I do think there’s one thing that’s even more important for you to know about me than what I do, and that’s why I do what I do.

Most blogs have lengthy “About” pages which are neither about the blog nor the person, but the reader, often in order to sell them something or get them to download an ebook.

I’d rather just tell you why I’m writing.

In October 2016 it hit me. This is my personal formula for happiness:

My personal formula for happiness

When I posted it on Instagram, this was the caption I added:

I want to fill my entire life with these 3 things. Nothing else. Meaningful work, great people I love and unforgettable experiences that make for awesome stories when I’m old.

Currently, I’m figuring out the work part of this equation. When I started writing this blog in 2014, I had no idea what to say. I just knew I had to say something. I’d spent the two years before reading a lot of blogs and couldn’t help myself any longer.

To say my beginnings were humble is an understatement. I published several posts to be read by zero people, a book no one bought and most of the online marketing advice I sought and implemented was…crap.

One thing, however, was clear right from the start: I loved the process of writing. Mixing words, synthesizing sentences, creating something that would forever remain in black and white colors and might leave a profound impact on another human being is nothing short of magic to me.

I’ve had most of my own, deep, “Holy shit!” kind of moments while reading. Now, I want to be on the giving side of this time- and spaceless exchange of two humans.

Once I started, there was no turning back. I didn’t know what I was doing and, for the most part, I still don’t. But I know this: I have to write more.

After my first few attempts in 2014, I began writing almost daily in mid-2015, which led to a series of guides around productivity, some posts on Medium and lots of guest posts.

Just before Christmas I wanted to kick into high gear, so I launched Four Minute Books and set the crazy goal of publishing 365 summaries in 2016 – which I did. In 2017, I wrote a lot on Quora and Medium, and by 2018, I was making a full-time income from writing.

I did not expect this to happen so fast, but I already struggle to keep doing what I love. Thanks to shiny object syndrome, I’m often pulled into only semi-writing related projects, which I then nuke a few months later, when I come back to my senses.

Going forward, I want to make a big commitment to writing by self-publishing a few books and maybe even getting a book deal. I also want this blog to become a true hub where you can find everything I’ve ever written and read it for free.

I’ll always write. I’m not worried about money. I want to help you change. So you’ll help change others. That’s my selfish, unselfish dream. That’s what meaningful work means to me and that’s why I write.