What I’m Doing Now

I live in a small studio right in the heart of beautiful Munich, Germany. I write full-time, and I’m focused on just three things:

  • The daily blog. I have decided to publish short writings daily as my creative baseline. You can read them all here. To subscribe via email, go here.
  • Writing my second book. My first one is here. With three half-finished titles in the oven, all of which I’d like to complete, I guess which one’s next will be a surprise for both of us. If you want monthly-ish updates, you can be my email friend.
  • Running Four Minute Books. Four Minute Books is a collection of over 1,000 free book summaries. As the CEO, I work with several freelancers and contributors to publish 3 new book summaries each week. We also have a Youtube channel and a lifetime subscription.

I’ve started tracking what I read and watch publicly on Goodreads and IMDb. If you want to learn everything I know about writing, you can start with my free 5-day writing course here.

Last update: Feb 11, 2022, from Germany.