Accumulated Truth

If you were to broadcast your every thought in real-time, none of your relationships would last. In the moment, the truth is often hidden from us. It takes time, distance, and reflection for our personal realities to emerge.

You can yell, “You never work out with me!” but you might realize they’re actually there for 33% of the sessions, or that they don’t do it for a reason that has nothing to do with you, or that you don’t really care about the workouts but the time spent together. The lack of shared workouts is the symptom at the surface, but diseases aren’t eradicated by treating their symptoms. It is the root you must get to, and roots always sit deep. It’ll take some digging to find them.

Truth is like amber. It forms in layers. You keep adding spoonfuls of clarity, and eventually, you’ll have a stone that weighs heavy enough to make it worth sharing. That’s when you call. “Hey. I’ve accumulated some truth. Is it okay if I share it with you? I’d love to know what you think.”

A second pair of eyes marks the second stage, because truth isn’t just slow to build, it’s also subjective. With another perspective, another layer will take shape, and the amber keeps on growing. Eventually, it’ll break into many parts, each sitting in a different timeline – and with a different group of people. “That was true in middle school, and those people still believe me to be this person.”

The collector is a master of stones. Tending to each maturing rock, they know when it’s time to pass it on; share it with another person, a new group of people. The goal? Each gem must shine bright when it’s spread. The collector must polish, polish, and polish some more – so that each piece of amber stays clear, each kernel of truth perfectly visible inside.

The truth is important. Don’t rush it. Let it accumulate, and share it when it’s ready. Refuse to speak anything but truth, and your relationships will last forever – but that’s for another day.