Against the Odds

The breath you are taking right now is a breath taken against the odds. Whether it’s one in 400 trillion or 400 quadrillion, the chances of you ever existing were close to zero — and yet, here you are!

The job you have to show up for today is a job you found against the odds. Out of millions, why this company? Why at this time? Why you, not someone else competing for the gig? It all magically lined up, and now, you’re in charge.

The girlfriend, partner, or spouse currently waiting for your next hug is a person you found — or will find — against the odds. Eight billion people on the planet, and you hope to pick just one? Good luck. But we do it every day.

If you have kids, you’ve once again beaten the odds. We call giving birth a miracle for a reason. One spermatozoon out of 200 million, finding the perfectly conditioned egg cell, followed by nine months of constant adversity. And yet, you can hear their footsteps as they run down the hallway.

The comfortable home you’re running, curating, and maintaining for your family is an uphill battle against the odds. From financial problems to logistical chaos to dysfunctional relationship dynamics, a million things could torpedo your sanctuary any minute, yet everyone still sits on the couch, watching a movie, laughing together.

In almost everything you do, you are up against unfavorable odds, yet you keep persisting. Existing. Even succeeding. You don’t realize the million microscopic ways in which you defeat chance every day, but you do — so why not call out the odds some more?

Be grateful for the countless miracles bringing you to every next moment, and then shoot for the moon. You’re a winner against the odds, and your greatest reward is yet to come.