Bonus Guilt

I wasn’t looking for a flat with a garden, but when the apartment I found happened to come with one, I was thrilled. Now, I often feel I’m not using it as much as I should. That’s bonus guilt, and it’s unnecessary.

When you get a surprise pot of free gravy with your schnitzel, it’s tempting to drown your dish in it just because you have it. But what if you don’t like that much gravy? What if you don’t want gravy at all?

Winning isn’t a sin. Freebies are free because they come without strings. If we attach some made of FOMO, that is on us.

I don’t have to tan for three hours every day to make appropriate use of my garden. If all I do is stand on the grass for a minute each morning, that is plenty as long as I think it’s plenty.

Don’t fret about the gravy — and not just the literal kind. You don’t have to use all of it just because it was free, and you’re not obliged to accept everything good that comes your way.