Complain or Continue

Today, I was late on sending my newsletter. I was late because I had a stomach ache, which I got from a big meal I ate yesterday for date night, which is why I was too tired to do it yesterday night, and which we went on yesterday instead of our usual day because on that day, I have a surgery at the dentist’s, which I have on that day because they asked me to move it twice from its original date, which they did because…

I could keep going. Endlessly. I could slice this blame-chain into a million different branches, each of which would make logical sense and be more or less reasonable. Understandable. Justified. Or, I can just continue. Continue writing the newsletter, and hit send when it’s ready. Continue with this blog, the Christmas gift planning, and the next, relaxing gaming session when I’m done.

There’s always something to complain about. Always a valid reason of concern. Everyone has them. No one deserves them. Yet here we are, and in each tiny, microscopic instance, the world is split into two: those who complain, and those who continue.

I’m sorry about your struggles, but please: Don’t let those struggles define you. Keep on keepin’ on. Trade your complainer’s hat for a continuer’s cape, and then, whatever “it” is, go and prepare and do it. You’re bigger than your misery — and every time you show us, we’ll remember to keep continuing too.