Crisis Benefits

The good thing about a crisis is that it inhabits so much of your mental space, you won’t have time to indulge some of your usual mistakes.

An urgent deadline with a last-minute reboot might get you so focused on work, you forget to eat here and there, leading to less snacking. An upcoming performance with high stakes might make you cut your drinking by 50%, seemingly without effort.

The real win, however, is maintaining your crisis benefits after the crisis has subsided. Can you emerge from a career disaster or financial setback not just with a better job or healthier bank account, but also as a more loving mother, fitter runner, or less frequent nail-biter? Of course you can!

Never waste a good crisis, they say. Why? Because in solving a dilemma, you may eliminate more problems than just the one staring you square in the face. Use the momentum, and rise stronger than ever before.