Dashing to Work

“I don’t know how Nik does it, man,” a friend of my girlfriend told her during a weekend trip. “Waking up every morning, working, actually motivated to do things — despite no boss, no structure, nothing forcing him to show up.”

I always laugh when I get these comments. To me, being excited about work is as natural as breathing or looking forward to a tasty meal. Part of the reason is the very absence of structure people wonder about. I love my job because I get to call most of the shots, but that’s only one piece of the story.

The other day, I caught myself running towards the couch, eager to grab my laptop, plop down, and start writing. “Who does that?” I thought with a chuckle. When I replayed it in my head, the scene reminded me of an anime character sprinting in sheer excitement, or perhaps a child running towards, well, anything, because children are always running, always eager for the next thing. That’s me, essentially. A child passionate about creating, about making the next thing, and that’s why I’m always excited.

Ironically, despite all the darting, there is no quick way to a lifestyle like this, nor a clear one, and while I worked hard to build it, I also realize it’s a privileged position to be in. I wish we lived in a world where dashing to work would be the norm, but even if you’re part of the large group who doesn’t, above all, I’d like you to remember one thing: It’s possible to love your job, and it’s possible for you to love your job at some point in your lifetime.

Don’t give up too early, and don’t let life’s other tradeoffs distract you too much from this important one. Maybe one day, for no particular reason, you’ll find yourself skipping, racing, or dashing to work — and even if not, you can still whistle, enjoy the small perks, and return home to a life you love.