Enjoy Your Small Dreams

Yesterday, a friend came over for dinner. When I asked her what her weekend plans were, she said: “Sleep in and maybe, just maybe, I can clean up my room. That would be my dream.” It reminded me of the time my sister said the same about having an Aperol spritz to-go when visiting Munich.

While I jokingly told both of them the same thing — that they needed bigger dreams — I can appreciate the humility. Whenever we need it the most, small but meaningful aspirations can give us something our grandest visions can’t: an immediate sense of joy and fulfillment.

Whether it’s cleaning up your room, having a drink outside, or, in my case, looking at a bunch of Pokémon cards while the sun shines into your office: If a tiny dream is all it takes to make your weekend, that’s a wonderful thing. Don’t let your biggest goals take that way from you.

Wishes are valid in all shapes and sizes, and it doesn’t always take a visit from Santa for you to receive the gift you hope for the most.