Everyone Has Parents

They might not have raised them as lovingly as your parents did. Perhaps their father left before they were born or their mother died when they were young — but they have parents nonetheless, and those parents, present or absent, will be a shaping force in their lives.

Everyone has enemies. Most likely not mortal ones trying to hunt them down wherever they go, but enemies regardless. No one gets along well with everyone. There’s always someone who stands to gain something from your loss, and the shadow of that potential loss looms over all of us.

Everyone has someone they love. A friend. A partner. A teacher. It might even be a dog or anime character, but everyone has someone they don’t want to lose. Someone who gives them hope when no one else can, and who brings out the very best in them.

Everyone has a tribe. A destination. A group of people they will call “home” when they finally find them. If they find them. Not everyone reaches their tribe. Not everyone spreads the word after they arrive. But somewhere, there’s a tribe out there waiting. For me. For you. For anyone.

We are humans. From humans we come. With humans we are. And to humans we must go. Past, present, future — all spinning an endlessly forward-twisting double helix. The arrow of time is cut from DNA, and we’re all made from the same cloth. Let’s remember that cloth so we can look into each other’s eyes as we fly past one another and search for the distant but familiar light that binds us together.