Give It a Google

That’s what the tour guide said. He no longer has to explain everything. You don’t need to ask for his phone number in case you have follow-up questions.

Curiosity has always been optional, but today, it is no longer dangerous. You can fall down any rabbit hole in the private comfort of your phone. That’s a tremendous power. Often, we don’t use it because of its very ubiquity. We expect we’ll always have it. Why google today what you can google tomorrow?

Well, tomorrow, googling might no longer be as private as it is today. I know “private” is relative, but I guarantee you googling is more private than “baiduing” – using its Chinese equivalent. What about the people in Ukraine? War comes to your doorstep, and the power goes out. No internet, no smartphones. Poof. The world library is closed.

Googling has become a basic privilege, but that doesn’t mean it no longer qualifies as one. Don’t wait. If you want to know, give it a google. Remember the power in your pocket, and use it while you can.