Halfway Goals

This week, I’m playing a stupid amount of a racing game called Asphalt. Why? It’s Ferrari season.

I have loved Ferrari since I was five years old. More than two decades later, I’m still a long way from driving my own. I can, however, virtually test-drive all kinds of Ferraris – and that may be just as satisfying. It’s definitely good enough for today.

Sometimes, you need a halfway goal. A little milestone along the way. It’ll be fun to celebrate and, more importantly, provide a chance to check in with yourself: Why do you want to reach this goal? Is it still the same reason from when you started? Have you outgrown your destination on the journey, or does the finish line feel as meaningful as it did on day one?

The best thing about halfway goals is that they’ll feel halfway even if you’re a good distance from the 50%-marker. If I spent 200 € on owning a virtual Ferrari (or wasted several dozen hours playing the game), that’d be 1000th the price of a real one. 0.1%. Would you spend 0.1% of your dream’s budget on feeling closer to it and gaining renewed inspiration for a week, a month, or a year? That could be a decent deal.

Every now and then, your halfway goal will have to stand in for the real thing. You can’t achieve it all. That’s okay too. You’ll move the finish line closer, say farewell with a ritual, and be at peace with the steps you’ll never take.

For now, however, it’s still Ferrari season. The game isn’t over, and you have races to win, both virtual and real. Excuse me, but I think it’s time to play.