Happiness Is Soap

The harder I pinch my fingers when trying to get the vitamin pill from the bottle, the less it wants to come out. With a gentle shake and a light push, however, it literally jumps into my hand.

Happiness is a bar of wet soap: The harder you squeeze to hold on, the faster it slips through your fingers. If you don’t try too hard, it’ll glide across your skin – just long enough until you’re clean.

Careful! Don’t cram life into your schedule. You can’t force it to go as you please. Push too much, and you’ll choke it. Nip the meaning in the bud before it can emerge from its seeds.

If life is one long shower, the water must keep flowing. Drops come, drops go – and so do bars of soap. Let go easily and you’ll receive generously. Hold on – but not too tightly – so you may surf instead of fall.